Is there a number 1 pencil?

Would that matter?

The first pencil is my favorite pencil. You see, it’s black. And the one I used for the test in the test center is the one I use now, but I can’t use that pencil because I only have about 80 test strips at the most. So they want me to have a pencil so I don’t have to get used to different styles. I have to get used to the idea that it’s the same size. I’m not getting used to the idea that it’s going to be thicker at one end, it’s gonna be thicker at the other end.

What the hell do you mean thick and what does that mean?

And how many pencils is that? It’s a lot. Let me show you. Look at the top of this sheet (points to the test sheet).

Well, where is the second one? That one is thicker. It’s thinner. Is that normal? The one in the middle is thicker?

Well, this isn’t my pen. (Pointing to the pencil he’s using for the test in a different part of the test center). So I want the thicker one. And you said a good rule here is to only have two pencils. So you want to get to that second pencil. So there’s three colors here so you want to get the thicker one of the three. This is what I would put in the front.

(The pencil with the third dot) is probably better. You get two colors. What do you want? You want the one in the white.

Yeah, of that. No one else knows what the white looks like. The only one who can see the white is me.

This is going to be weird.

But that’s the test. OK, so a pencil is good. What’s the test for?

Now, I can’t use my second pencil. I have one other, but I just found out they don’t know how to use it. So here’s the thing. What is the test for?

The test is that the pencils I’m going to use in the tests, if they are all of the same size, are supposed to be the same length. I can’t have that happen. It’s impossible. It’s kind of like when you want to go to dinner and you have a salad for your entree but the salad is kind of weird. How would you get from that