Can you teach yourself to draw? – Pencil Drawing Scenery Deer

No! But I can learn something. I can look at pictures on the internet and see if it’s good and not the real thing. My mom always said that I could, and it’s like a miracle! I can really make things look pretty and I can use it to create stuff for my mom.

Tell me about your work.

I’m also a graphic artist (the name is in there! :P). Since I was young I really wanted to draw things. I still love drawing, but the last thing of drawing I have in my heart is coloring.

Which colors do you like?

The pink is my favorite! That was a lot of pain for the past 18 years. My mom has always wanted me to use pink, so she bought a pink coloring book for my birthday and said I should color what I liked the most. My colors are very dark and have a lot of shading, lots of layers, lots of colors.

The colors here are more yellow than red! Are you a real artist?

I’m really not! I’m a graphic artist. But I like all kinds of coloring books! I really enjoy drawing in my little room!

What are your hobbies?

Singing, drawing, and coloring.

What’s one of your favorite books and games?

A kid’s game called Draw With Me!

Tell me about your future in graphic design.

I’m already doing graphic work and I’m really interested in this. My mom is teaching me and I will do pretty much any kind of art I want in the future so I’m excited.

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