How do you do easy magic tricks? – Magic Tricks Easy For Childrens

I mean, you’ve got to be pretty good to do them. And now, as your teacher, I want you to go to the back of the class and tell me the three easiest tricks you like the most. You’ll know, when I see them, that their first and second attempts may be the hardest, because that first one, if I’m paying attention, you might have pulled it off really well, but then they start to go wrong. They start to fade. They might be really good tricks, but the trick doesn’t work. It’s getting harder and harder! I can tell because you’re not getting better. You’re getting worse.”

Harry’s mind raced as he struggled to remember how to perform the three trick, the worst of the three, on an impossible, untouchable surface. The spell’s time limit had expired as his magic had lost its flow, and the clock of time that measured magic’s flow had stopped running in the magic academy. It was now past midnight on May 22nd, and Harry hadn’t performed any of the three last spells, though he had tried on the first one, and had failed miserably. His mind was not allowed to race further, but he just couldn’t find himself thinking about anything. His mind ran through the three trick again, and again, to no avail. He wanted to show what he had learned, to prove to everyone that he had improved, that this was his true potential, his true potential, but every time he tried any of the three tricks, he was just about finished.

He had only managed to make one change before, and that was to focus his mind on a single point, then concentrate on making that area invisible to anyone in the vicinity. The invisible area was so small, so easily concealed, that no one would be able to see the spot he had focussed on just by looking at it. Then Harry had tried to get rid of the invisible area, and his effort had been in vain. He had no idea how to perform the three trick in secret like that, and once again, his teacher, Professor Quirrell, told him that he would have to find a way of cheating. In front of everyone else, Harry had tried the charm that had not helped him, but he had not understood how he himself had the power to perform magic. It didn’t matter, because as his magic drained, so too would his life.

“I need my blood to run in your veins again! That blood

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