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If you do not already have a camera, learn to shoot on the street or buy a good camera (like the Nikon D610) that is small, bright, light, durable and not expensive. Many people can not afford the price of a DSLR (the camera is a lot more expensive and not so easy to change settings, which is the only reason a lot of people don’t own a camera). Also use a macro lens if you can. Also use a tripod. Remember: If you know your camera, you also know your environment and this is essential to making a good video.

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I don’t know anything about photography, what can I find interesting in it? If you are a beginner and just starting out, look for great people, events, scenery. Look at all the great architecture of Europe (especially the churches) and New York. You will see great photography and great architecture.

I have some great things of which I could learn but I would rather learn other things. What do you suggest? If you want to learn photography and you are not sure what kind of photography you would like, there are a lot of good places to try. The world of photography is vast, there’s so much to do, it’s easier to learn at your own pace. Go somewhere you are not familiar with (like Venice, Paris or Spain) but don’t be afraid to visit more or less unknown places. Take a look around! This is a great way to learn photography by simply spending time in your favorite environment, or one you haven’t done before, and find out “what photography is all about”.

You have an idea about what you want to take, where should you start? It takes a little work to get that idea for a “good” image, but you get the idea.

My friend is making an amazing video and I want to help her. What should I do? As a beginner, I would help a little with your video, but as you get better and better, you can help her in any way you’d like. You just need to know how and what her style of video is, what she loves about it and all the important details.

I’d love some advice from experienced photographers, what can I do? I would recommend reading some great guides to get a better understanding of how to shoot a video. I also suggest asking your friends how they do shooting video and if you know they also are interested.

What’s your favorite aspect of photography? My

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