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But even if your video camera is able to take excellent video, you need a DSLR camera for your photography needs. It is, as a result, an expensive camera. The first camera you purchase should be the one your DSLR will be used most of the time. If not, you will need to upgrade to a video camera that costs more. While not as expensive as a DSLR, a good video camera may have a higher image resolution than a single lens DSLR. In other words, your video camera is a better choice for video. The other option is to buy a second DSLR, one with an interchangeable lens (IIL) – an interchangeable-lens camera (ILC). This allows you to change between different camera bodies and lenses. There are also cheaper options for video. Check out our Buying a DSLR section. Some of the best video camera models are the Canon DSLRs. They come with the most advanced features, which allow you to shoot video without the need to switch lenses with the camera body.

Do your cameras come with SD card slots? No. You can purchase an SD card to store videos in your DSLR camera. To add another card, you will want to purchase an SD card reader or adapter. If you have the ability to add a SD card reader to a video camera, you will want to find one with a power cord. Even if you don’t, this won’t prevent the camera from recording videos. For example, this video camera does have a camera shutter, which takes a few pictures and will give you a still image.

In summary, you can go to the Web for video camera prices and find different camera models. But to make full use of them, you will need to start collecting video footage now.

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