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DAMASCUS, Syria — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria launched what it described as a “major offensive” across the northern border of Syria on Wednesday night, destroying two government buildings, a checkpoint and a bridge near Aleppo. In addition to the government buildings, IS destroyed two more before withdrawing, according to the Observatory.

“This was an advance by IS,” said Rami Abdelrahman, the head of the British-based Observatory. “A major offensive was launched from the Euphrates, and then later it turned south towards Aleppo; there has been heavy bombardment and clashes.”

Rebel fighters in Aleppo posted photos of the destruction and posted video on YouTube. The fighters say all the buildings were destroyed by the IS advance, and there is widespread fear of the militants’ continuing advance.

The fighters said that they fought their way past “thousands of militiamen” along the road heading to the provincial capital of Aleppo, and were now entering the eastern portion of the region. The Observatory estimated that up to 60,000 people had been left homeless in Aleppo, and most residents were fleeing to Turkey, Syria’s northern neighbor.

The fighting continued around the Turkish border in the area of the village of Al-Rabaa near Aleppo’s northern border.

“We know that IS has been preparing a huge fight,” said Abdulrazaq al-Saleh, a member of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). He said IS has been massing artillery and mortars near the border for months now. “They think that since Turkey is not going to support their terrorist acts, they will have to get out and attack them here,” he said.

“Fighters have been moving in on roads at night to keep tabs on the enemy forces,” said Saleh.
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According to the Observatory, the assault was coordinated with Russian-backed Syrian army troops.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed that it controls around 90 percent in northern Syria, and claims that it now controls half of the Euphrates basin area, some 10 kilometers to the southeast of Turkey, as well as the Turkish border.

The rebels claim that they control approximately 6-9 percent of the country’s northern border area under their control. Syrian state news agency SANA also reported that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces have made progress in an area outside of Aleppo province.

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