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Like lotric. And you can’t really use the word bunch in that style without a lot of rapping and the lyrics have to be all in harmony, so it’s a more traditional feel to it. And when I think about it, what I got into music was to learn by getting away from it. As much as I love that, I love getting away from it. [laughs]

You’ve been going more underground lately. In an interview with Noisey in 2013, you said that you were trying to explore the different sounds of the music scene. What are you listening to on your playlist now?
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D’Angelo is really good. It’s like he has an iPod that plays the music. That’s what I think everybody does now. I play a lot of music that I’m listening to as a DJ. I have no idea what it is and don’t really care, but when I come to a rave, I’m not listening to anything else that’s all out and free to dance around. I just want to go for it and I’ll get more into a show when I hear some good music. There’s one song I really like, I can’t remember off the top of my head, it’s called “All I Need is Love,” maybe it’s a new band. [laughs] That’s the first song that ever went on, but it’s on that DJ set. I think he uses DJ mixes a little bit now, but a lot of DJs and a lot of bands play that kind of music now.

You played a record store today and it had some great records, the latest of which was the new O.A.S. album. Was that your first experience playing record stores? Or was it just something that was new to you?

The first time I ever did it was about a year-and-a-half ago, I got to go in and they had a big deal for me, like O.A.S. was at number one on the cover. I was like, wow, this is really cool. I had no idea it was an O.A.S. record. Then later I was at the record company, when there’s a record coming, I go up and look at that cover and my first thought about the record is, “Huh, is this O.A.S. record?” [laughs] It sounds like it, but I heard a lot of music in my life now from different groups, so it

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