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Or did he just make them rhyme?

When someone tells you he knows how to rap, he’s lying.

“We need a song that’s ‘the rapper’s voice'”

Why aren’t we calling out the big names for their terrible rhymes? Why don’t we say “Hey guys, you don’t rhyme that well” instead?

How about “I ain’t never seen the like of the artist that wrote that rhymes like that” instead?

Do we really need lyrics like. I didn’t even read the original verse, I was just hearing it through the headphones. You don’t have to even know. It’s a little bit different. I feel like a lot of them are just saying it because they’re mad they’re not as good as another artist, so they’ve got to shout all the time. They say things they ain’t even thought of. And sometimes they’re saying, “I’m just not as good as.” Or they’re like “I’m gonna be better than [insert famous artist],” which makes them sound so like they sound, like, “I’m so much better than that other guy, too.”

If you’re rapping about any type of person, how do you know what that person’s in your head saying and that’s how you rap?

That’s really important to me. Because I know I could be writing about my mother-in-law, and I could be writing about my girlfriend, and none of that is as good as someone, for example, writing about an autistic son that died of an overdose. If people can’t rap about that, and they can talk about those things, I’m not even trying. If they can talk about other types of things, that’s all right too. That’s what a rapper does.

On Hip-Hop Culture, the first two episodes explore your family. What do you think about things like celebrity feuding and celebrity bullying versus music culture? Are you more or less concerned?

That’s why I think the people who complain about things should be complaining less. I’m not concerned about it myself. Because if there’s two words out there that everybody who is an artist has in their vocabulary …

The word “bully” sounds kind of stupid to me, because why did you get that word?

Why do people still get it? It’s just a word.

I’m not against anyone. It’s just that

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