Which time frame is the best for swing trading? – Swing Trading Bot

The best time frame for trading stocks is 30 days. The worst is one year.

When do you trade? For how much?

All day long.

When do you trade? For how much?

For 20 cents or more per trade.

Why and how should I trade?

Every trading day, I’m in the market for a stock. So every morning, I am seeking an investment that is cheap, but not a “market” asset (that is, just a stock). For this trade, I need to know my price target, how long it will last, and whether my strategy will work or fail. To make the most use of the time you spend trading, it helps to have a little background knowledge on each asset or security, both fundamental as well as technical, because the technical analysis is essential in my trading arsenal.

How far down do I need to go in the trade?

The most important factor in this trade is the price target. The better the price target, the better the trade. Too low and I’m in a market, not a trade. Too high and you are risking losing the most, or most of your time, making it very risky.

So when should I start and end the trade?

Once you have your price target, you can start the trade. But I tend not to start until I have about 15-20% of my net assets, which include all of my capital and/or short-term trading (i.e., cash or stocks). I make my trade for the first time only when I have a price target. When I close a long/short trade, I have to wait for it to take effect, which in this case usually takes 10-18 trading days. By waiting as long as possible, it lets me get information on the stock’s price and timing.

How can I find my target price?

Look at your current price target, and subtract your daily net profit. You will realize the difference between your target price and the difference between your daily net profit and your net selling and buying. Now, subtract the current daily net profit and that’s your target. This is to prevent you from making foolish trades because there’s a difference between your current net gain and the daily loss.

Do you have short-term trades?

No. All trade are short-term. (Not all. As I’ve said, I’m open to long or

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