What do swing traders look for? – Day Trading And Swing Trading Kathy Lien Pdf

Is it simply that we want to find undervalued investments? Or are there strategies by which we can increase our returns and reduce our risks?

The first point may seem obvious, but a lot of people seem to forget there is an inverse relationship between undervalued and overvalued assets.

The chart above illustrates the correlation between the market value of a commodity and a broad equity index. The more it declines, the less we want to trade.

However, the longer the commodity stays in a downtrend, the more attractive it becomes as an asset class.

The trend in oil is not a direct proxy for a trend in equity prices. However, that commodity has a lot of downward momentum:

(Source: Bloomberg)

If oil prices were to start a new downtrend in December, it may help to lower our risk of price reversals and price movements in currencies like the US dollar.

It doesn’t have to be a great investment, but it will help.

(Source: Bloomberg)

The second point is that some of our risk aversion can also be a problem. You may be a trader who fears losing control of an underlying asset, whereas another trader may be more willing to accept a lower risk of the return on that asset.

I’ve found that trading is most difficult when it comes to currencies. A trader who is willing to place a bet on a higher value of an exchange rate is more likely to win.

I’ve experienced this myself quite often when I was trading with Bitcoin.

(Source: Coinbase)

Sometimes, when it’s risky to engage in the activity, it’s even more risky not to.

What do you think? Is there a way to mitigate your risk aversion? Would you trade more with a currency like the Euro or Yen, or do you think we should trade in only U.S. dollar-denominated assets? Let us know in the comments below.

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