How do I cancel swing trader? – Swing Trading For Beginners Videos

You must cancel swing trader within 12 hours. However, some countries allow you to cancel it without any problems.

If you cancel any other trader, you will be liable for the cost of the replacement trader you will need to provide.

How do I close out my account at one of our trading centres?

Close out the Trade Centre at any of our trading centres by using your online payment method which comes with our online trading interface. Note: Trade Centre withdrawals during peak trading periods should not be done on the last business day of your quarter (e.g. Mon-Fri). Please allow 48 hours after our Online interface request for a confirmation email to finish checking your trade history at one of our trading centres.

What is online withdrawal service?

Trade Centre withdrawals are available for customers who are eligible to use online withdrawal services during their trade time. The Online withdrawal service provides you with one of two options: either: a. A trade that shows as ‘closed’ at our Trade Centre is not closed (e.g. not logged into the network); or b. An online withdrawal that shows as ‘closed’ from our Trade Centre is open (e.g. the trade status has been changed to ‘open’ on your Trade Centre Account). To make online withdrawals, you will need an internet browser and one of the following services: a. A third party payment gateway account, such as PaySafeCard, which is currently available for €17.00 per trade. To get started, simply make a deposit into your account and add your credit card details to your online payment service provider. You can then manage your online payment for trade by logging into your account. b. A direct debit. To start, visit your account details page at our website, click on your name in the top navigation bar, click the “Change Trade Service” link and then select “Deposit Online with our Payment Gateway Account”. You will need to confirm that your account has sufficient capital to operate the withdrawal service. You will be directed to a small window which contains the option to create a Direct Debit, where you can enter credit card and/or PayPal details. You will then be required to select “Add Credit Card and PayPal Address”. Then, click on “Add” and enter your credit card and click on “Continue”. Once you have entered the credit card, PayPal and/or the required other information, your balance will be added automatically to the payment and you will receive an email confirmation of this transfer. c

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