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ROCKFORD, Ill. – The University of Illinois’ athletic department has reached a deal to join a national football television network set to be announced on Tuesday, it was announced Monday.

As announced by the university, UIC expects its annual football schedule to be announced Tuesday. The network, which is still being finalized, will have games televised on television either with Big Ten Network or ESPN. Its television programming might include a weekly Saturday-at-night edition of Big Ten Network’s Big Ten Beat and Big Ten Network’s Big Ten RedZone. It is unknown at the moment whether the games would be on either the Big Ten Network or ESPN platforms.

The network is currently being evaluated by the NFL and NCAA. It is expected to be announced Tuesday afternoon.

An agreement between UIC and ESPN was reached earlier this year. The negotiations have remained amicable as of last week.

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I have decided that it is time to end this post on a positive note by taking a look at the latest data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. I would suggest you start with the first graph, which shows the average income of households by race, sex, age, marital status and homeownership (which is not a household income, but the number of people who own their own home or share an address with one).

Note, however, that there are no single race or gender categories here. Race is a matter of geographic distribution, like gender and marital status. The top row is, unsurprisingly, mostly white, with a smattering of Asian and Asian-American households just below. In the bottom row, you see the top 20 percent of the population but not the bottom 50 percent, because we are not sure why we’re interested in the top 20 percent in the first place. As you might have guessed, the lower half of the lower half of the bottom 50 percent is mostly Asian and Asian-American, not white.

This is not the first time I have seen this pattern and I suspect this is not the first time you have too, either. It looks as though Asians are now about 50 percent of the total US population (though only 18 percent of white households) and the top-10 percent are primarily Asian (but with a small share of other races in between).

On a related note, the Census bureau also has

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