Can you swing trade forex? – Technitrader Learning Center

If so, what do you trade?

If not, what makes you tick and how are you able to trade effectively all day?

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned lately that you’re proud of?

How well do you relate?

If I have to ask: Where are you from?

If you were to do something on the trade side, which trade scenario would you choose that would suit your most current situation?

Which of these situations?

In my current financial position, what do you think this will buy you in a trade with me?

In the near future, how do you intend to move your capital?

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In these situations, which trade do you consider the most likely to pay off?

In my current financial situation, how would you advise me to trade?

What do you think of what you’re doing?

What are you currently trading?

If I have to ask: What is the top 3 reasons that would make you not trade?

If you had to say what something that you value most, what would you say?

If you were in a foreign market or a small stock, what investment would you recommend?

If you would not trade, what would you recommend?

If no money was involved, what would you say would be your biggest mistake in the past month?

How have you benefited from the financial industry?

What types of advice would you give to a newcomer who was considering starting a business?

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How to Find Financial Advice

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