Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – How To Spray Paint Art Surfboards Near

In order to achieve a surface that reflects light evenly and effectively, sanding and polishing is not recommended. Instead, we recommend using an optional finishing kit designed to reduce glare and maintain a mirror finish. It is important to remember that these kits do not provide an absolute quality surface. They may introduce scratches and defects to the finished furniture, as well as to the finish.

Does the finish leave a film on my new furniture?

Since the finish is completely transparent (you can no longer see what’s underneath), your furniture will look much the same as when it was painted. However, your paint-stained furniture may eventually need to be repainted. For this, check with your local furniture store or paint supplier to see if they need to use the finished-clay finishing kit.

Do I need to buy any special furniture tools to use the finished-clay finish?

There are no special tools required for using the finished-clay finish. Since the finish is completely self-contained, it is available from a range of materials.

Do you recommend it?

Yes, we do recommend it. There are many benefits to using it:

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