Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – How To Pole Dancer Videos Youtube

Absolutely, and all pole dancing activities are regulated by our governing bodies. All members are required to be of a minimum height of 60 cm in order to participate in the activities. All members, regardless of size, have a responsibility to provide a valid ID (driver’s license, passport, or foreign ID) the second they arrive at the club. All member members must always wear a full length and/or tight fitting long sleeved shirt (with sleeves) as well as the same top hat/coat the rest of the time.

What’s the difference between a public pole dancing class and private class? Are pole dancing classes taught by a club employee?

Private class is available to all dancers at the club or through private clubs we operate within the city. You may choose either a regular public class or private class, in which case you may be required to have a wristband on your wrist before you go in so we can track your movements. Once in the course of private class, you may ask the instructor to remove your wristband or change the location of your wristband.

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Researchers have made a startling discovery on the world’s largest fossil shark: its brain has shrunk by an incredible 40-50 per cent for unknown reasons.

The fossil record is full of giant, deep sea sharks of all types and sizes but this one, nicknamed the Dreadnought, is a new one. At over 13 metres long it is the largest known fossil shark and the biggest brain ever recorded.

The fossil of the Dreadnought has been named from the fossilized remains of its skull.

“The Dreadnought shark was extremely massive and probably the largest shark ever seen in the deep sea, weighing in at as much as 16.5 tons, or around 4,300 kilograms. However, its brain is still the largest known in the world”, says lead researcher of the paper of the research into the animal on the web, published in the journal Nature.


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The scientists used a combination of CT scans and other techniques to create a 3D reconstruction including the skeleton, as well as the internal anatomy of the shark. They also used micro-CT scan technology to assess the overall size of the brain and determine how much smaller it was compared to other sharks of its type.

A team led by Dr John Wessels of Imperial College London found a deep scar in the shark’s brain that led to the massive shrinking

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