How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – How To Make Money On Youtube Videos

To learn more, please read our selling terms and conditions, or search for a local seller.

What do I need to have on file to sell via Shutterstock?

A Photo of your own face. If you have a large number of photos that you’ve done, it is a good idea to have a few of them on file and available to sell to different publishers.

You must be able to provide us with your contact details. You can contact us through the website, by email or by phone.
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Why do I need to include “Your Name” in any email I send?

As a seller, you are required to include the name of the image you are uploading.

The reason it is useful to have the photographer’s name associated with your photo is that you can then contact them when you wish – so long as they are able to accept and post the image directly from your account.

Your Name is a way that the image you send to our services can be acknowledged as coming from you, rather than the photographer you have chosen.

Will you accept a photo of just me? Or does it need to be both people?

It is extremely unlikely that we will accept a photograph of just one person. If your image is too large, we recommend that you provide a second set of contact details. In this case, we will ensure the photographer is willing to accept your image.

I want to sell an image that has a range of people in it, and who are in an ideal position and who might want a copy. Can I do that?

You are welcome to include photos of anyone. We recommend that when you are placing an order on this website – so your images are available when those interested are on the move.

Please note, that you are not required to use any image that you want to include or that is not on our image library or website. We will, however, look at every image to see if it meets the requirements set out in our image submission guidelines and policies.

If you are selling an image or images of people, you should have contacted us before submitting your content to Shutterstock for sale.

In some circumstances, you can submit your images for sale when you are not online.

Is there any limit on how many times I can upload photos to Shutterstock?

Each image will need to be uploaded once, regardless of where it is sold. For example, you cannot upload photos from one

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