Which pencils are used for sketching? – Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial Video

I use a Moleskine with a Felt Tip and I use Sharpie for pencilling. I’m an artist and I like to sketch out ideas before I start a page or an illustration. You have to be willing to use whatever pencil and paper is around you at the time so you can draw.

What kind of pencils are used for calligraphy?

Sketch pen and pencil for calligraphy. You will need a Sharpie to cut and place in the top or down. They are available in several different shapes so you can choose what pencil and paper would be the right shape for your project.

What kind of notebooks are used as sketch pads?

I use a sketch pad notebook. They have two layers, the front edge is a piece of cardstock and a strip of notebook paper. Then, a strip of paper in the back which the pencils and markers go into.

What is your favorite pen for sketching?

My favorite pen is my Moleskine with a Felt tip. It’s very smooth and I get lots of fine lines.

Where do you keep your sketch pad?

I keep mine in a small drawer with a notebook.

Do you prefer a dark, warm, or light sketch pad?

You can choose what kind of sketch pad you like the most. I use a bright, warm pad when I’m working on a book. I like the idea of drawing and writing on it because it provides the proper temperature and the line will be more consistent. I prefer it darker than light because it creates more contrast so you have to work harder to keep your lines consistent and in contrast. I’m not a fan of the cooler pad because I’m drawing too much and it’s easier to burn out if it’s too cold so I keep it cool.

Do you have a favorite notebook to sketch on?

My favorite notebook for sketching is my Moleskine with a Felt tip.

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You are very professional in that you are a professional sketch artist and you design your own art. What do you think is the thing that makes you a successful artist?

My favorite attribute of a successful artist is that I put my time in to my craft and I don’t take shortcuts, I work and I produce what I want to produce. I think it is all about putting effort and time in, and putting some effort and determination and discipline in to something you

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