What makes a drawing a drawing? – Cool Black And White Pencil Drawing Ideas

This is a very broad, but important question to ask. While it is true that we get to draw at all levels, what makes a great painting or drawing is the story told by such material. Let’s take a moment to think about what makes a good story. If someone takes you to a bar, and you’re told that a person is a vampire, you are probably going to go home and try to figure out what to eat. You are going to look at the menu and decide if it’s meat or vegetables. You are going to wonder what happened to the person who left so long ago. How long ago? Was this a human being, or is it a machine? Is it a vampire or a zombie? And will this person try to kill you? Of course, the story is not going to happen right now — not on its own. You need to have something to drive you through those stages of the process. That something is typically in your hands. What makes a good story is one in which something happens that changes the point of view, and allows the audience to look at their world through another’s eyes. The best stories are stories of great characters who accomplish some important task, and who do that task with great skill and precision.

But if you’re like me, you probably spend more time looking at the menu than you do the drink. And to be perfectly honest with you, most of us don’t have the skill to draw someone in any detail with anything close to enough precision to create truly fantastic stories. A good story has to be as close to perfect in its composition as possible. And as a result, the story itself becomes just as much an object of study and manipulation as the drawing itself. This is why professional illustrators and comic book artists work in such close quarters; the more closely you can work with a character, the more accurately each scene can be realized. Without this process, nothing will ever look good.
A drawing of a crying fairy based off of another picture ...

The same goes for the art of story-telling. The best story-tellers have a very special gift, and it is their ability to tell a story with such speed and precision that they make it difficult to imagine what might not work with any other artistic approach. The story has to be the focal point of their work, and there are almost no other creative tools for illustrating a story that are as potent. If your goal is to bring about an emotional response in the people listening to your story, then you should focus more attention on the story than on the drawing itself

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