What is the softest pencil? – Pencil Drawing Easy Method

The Softest pencil is made of a soft plastic substance and has some small surface irregularities. It should not flex or flex under pressure as pencils will in that setting. It’s like putting a big weight at the end to make a big circle.

Where to buy the softest pencil: In most pencil shops, just look for one on the bottom which will be softer.

How to sharpen it: When sharpening, let the pencil dry out a little but do not rub, the softness makes it much easier to sharpen. When sharpening, there is only one rule to follow: Never over sharpen. Never.

Why is it soft?

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Soft pencils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most people think of pencils as one solid color in an array of colors. However, there are other forms of pencils besides white and brown that are different.

For instance, there is the orange pencil which comes with a blue cap. Another is the rose pencil which has a pink cap and has a red/pink/purple cap. Other pencils have a purple cap but a red/pink/purple cap. Even pink pencils come in a variety of colors. Soft pencils come in a variety of colors just like the natural world.

A quick note about colours:


Colours are a reflection off of the background of our eyes. Colour is made up of multiple components and our brains are unable to use the components effectively at the same time.

For instance, when you see a blue sky, it is reflected from all these different components that are in the sky. It is a lot easier to see a blue sky if you are in the sunlight rather than in shade.

A common problem for all colour systems is the same, white and grey. It is impossible for the brain to distinguish that there is a colour at all when so many different components are in one system.

A better example of this would be when you are driving your car, you cannot tell if there is a yellow dash, or if there is a green dash, or if it is a dark green dash. All of these are in fact different colours.

However, because we are colourblind, we cannot tell them apart. Colour blindness often happens in the darker part of the spectrum but it does not always happen in that region.

Difference in colours

Differing in colours can also

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