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In the past, pencils with a soft, flexible nib meant that you needed a very fine nib to really draw well on paper with pens with softer nibs than the one I buy. Now, if you look closely, you can see that even the more popular mediums like the Pilot G nibs (not pictured) have a very fine nib, but they also have a more flexible ink. Also, most new fountain pens are nibs with softer nibs now, and the pens that come with soft nibs are more popular because of the increased ease of use and nib flexibility.

Will it dry out quickly?

Yes, it will dry out faster than your standard wet or dry brush, but this is really not a problem on paper that won’t support it. The ink in the pencil is a thin layer, so most will stick together just fine.

Do I need to buy a tool to draw with?

For small parts, yes. For large parts, not sure. The easiest way to buy them is at a craft store or online.

How do these pencils fit into pens and other pens?

The Pencils come in both 9×11 and 5×7. The 5×7 is better because it’s wider (by about half an inch) so it fits through some different pens. These two pens are called “Kiss Me” pens in Canada, but I’ve heard of it being called “Nibblenote” in other countries. All the other pens have the same size inkwell so they all work well with these two. You want to be able to slide these in with your pen but not all the way in.

Can I have one pen in a frame?

The way it goes in the future, yes you can have one and use two pens in the same frame. At this time, though, you can’t get pens into frames because it’s not a feature of one of the newer pens. And, the only way to have one Pencil in a frame is to buy a special pen (like the Pilot G nibs) so that you can actually use both pens in the same frame.

Can I use more than one at a time?

No, because the 5×7 is a little larger than the 9×11. It looks like it could fit into a frame with two pens in it, but that’s not really necessary.

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Why does it cost such a high price?

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