What is a pencil drawing called? – Pencil Drawing Pictures

-a drawing made with a pencil and paper.

What is a pencil that says, “I love you”?

-The pencil of love that you always carry with you.

-So what did your momma call you?

-A pencil-drawing.

What is a pencil that says, “I hate you”?

-The pencil of hate.

Who is the penitentiary and how did it start?

-I’ll tell you when I’m done.

What was the first picture you drew?

-Something to do with my new pencil that I’m using.

What is a pencil which has the letters “f’in” written on it?

-A pencil with the letter “in” written on it.

What’s the best thing about drawing?
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-The fact that my parents love me.

What’s the worst drawing that a teenager drew?

-That was the best one.

Did you ever give a drawing to a teacher?

-Well, I gave one to one teacher.

What’s the most stupid thing that you ever drew?

-That teacher.

What’s the most beautiful picture you’ve ever made?

-A house, with many trees, very nice.

What is the best kind of drawing board?

-The board you use when you are drawing.

How do you get rid of a bad drawing?

-With your own drawings.

Who was the most beautiful woman you know?

-The wife of my good friend from the neighborhood.

How do you find old drawings on the web?

-I go to the library of the person that has them.

Where do you go to get your latest drawing?

-I go to the drawing of the person that has them.

What is your favorite drawing?

-That was the best one.

Where did you get the name Ikeda from?

-I think it came from Japan.

Where did you get the name Matsuwa from?

-I’ve been told that it comes from “Matsu,” the name of my teacher.

What’s the worst drawing that you’ve ever made?

-That was the worst one.

What is the best way to change back into your old clothes?

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