What is a 2b pencil for? – Drawing Pictures

It is primarily used for drawing your name in 3-D.

Can I use it in an art class while I teach?

Yes. Although it is a 2b pencil, the 2b pencil is not included in any of the packages included in our Art Classes.

What is the maximum length of the pencil?

12 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall.

What is the maximum thickness of the pencil?

2.25 millimeters.

My kids are having a hard time drawing with this pencil. Should I try something smaller?

No. In fact, you can easily draw with this pencil even with the smallest child.

What is 1/10th-inch, why are there multiple sizes?

The 2b pencil is a 1/10th-inch (0.03mm) thick pencil. The 1mm pencil is also known as a Bead Pencil because it is very light weight, ideal for drawing small details like a dot or one of your hand shapes with tiny size or a single dot that is just slightly bigger than a pin.

Can my kids learn to use this pencil too?

Yes. One of the advantages of drawing with a paper pencil is that it can be used by your youngest child, as she can draw on the paper with the paper pencil.

How do I remove the tip?
Wright Way Pencil Art: Basics of pencil shading

You will have to remove all the ink from the nib tip. You can use a small metal scalpel or a sharp knife and scrape out any ink deposits.

Does the 1/10th-inch pencil need to be watermarked?

No, the 1/10th-inch pencil is an inkpencil. It does not need to have water-marking.

How much ink am I supposed to use on this pencil?

If the pencil is made of an acrylic or graphite material it might need to draw 5 times as much ink as for an opaque 1/10th-inch pencil. In this case, you can start with a small amount of pencil.

If you already have a 2b pencil, you can draw more than 5 times as much as for an opaque 1/10th-inch pencil.

Please note: the 2b pencil comes with 1/4 inch of tip that is not recommended. You must make use of this tip as it gives the 1/10th-inch pencil the sharpness and the ability to

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