What does the term isometric sketch mean? – Easy Color Pencil Drawings Of Animals

The following definition comes from David H. Kohn and Tom Schaller:

A isometric sketch is a drawing of the plane of a given surface, as in an isometric map. The sketch may be based on a known surface, but may not include the entire surface. A plane isomorphism from a given surface to a given plane provides a isometric sketch. The basic drawing operations include (sketch the plane; draw the figure), (sketch the two-point perspective perspective; and draw two-point orthogonal perspective).

When drawing, it’s important to know the plane and figure you’re drawing — but not so much how to draw it.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the original Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, where we were able to see both companies’ unique legal systems and trade secrets play out. In a move of the highest court in the land, Apple won a massive victory while Samsung was handed a blowjob. The ruling not only gave Apple the right to appeal, but also means that Samsung’s products will now be available for a full 24 months.

As the judge stated in his opinion on Friday afternoon, this decision “removes any lingering uncertainty” as far as the validity of an earlier ruling that had prevented Samsung from using “circumventing or otherwise interfering with or reducing the functionality of” the iPhone’s patent-driven operating system.

Apple didn’t get everything it wanted, but it still came out on top. The company was ordered to pay Samsung nearly $1.2 billion in damages and injunctions (the damages amount was lower than in previous cases involving the iPhone, of course). While Samsung will have to pay Apple more to appeal in the future after this verdict, the company’s patent licensing program will no longer be affected.

Now, after a year and a half of trial, the jury has finally returned (via the Wall Street Journal) and has found Samsung’s “circumventing and otherwise interfering with or reducing the functionality of” the iPhone’s operating system constitutes “actual harm”—meaning the iPhone has “violated [the iPhone’s] patents.”

The jury had previously ruled that Samsung knew its infringing iOS designs would be used and infringed Apple’s patents when they released the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line in 2012. However, a recent patent trial ruled that the Galaxy S 4’s ability to be connected with a smartphone’s built-in wi-fi was so impressive that it

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