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2b is an abbreviation for “Bare Minimums.” It is a list of minimum standards or “bureaus” that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets. It is intended to help the public evaluate the environmental impact of an activity or the process that resulted in an environmental outcome. The EPA sets these minimum standards (2b) for the development of air pollutants, wastes, and the products of production at a site. These standards are based on scientific evidence and based on an understanding of the impacts of substances, processes, and activities. The public may use the lists of 2b’s here. If you believe that a given activity or process was a contributing factor to an environmental outcome, you may use the 2b listings if the activity or process did not exceed the minimum standards set by the EPA. The 2b list is intended to help the public, not to prevent a specific regulatory action from being taken. If you believe that a particular activity or process exceeded the “bare minimum standards” you can request EPA review your claim. After you have had a review process, you should determine whether an event or process is a contributing factor to an environmental outcome. EPA will examine the facts and circumstances of any incident, or result of an event or process, to determine if these factors are a contributing factor.

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In addition, EPA may issue proposed regulations that supplement these 2b lists when the agency is confident that an action, or a failure to take an action as set forth in these regulations, would result in an environmentally significant impact that requires an exemption (in lieu of a higher standard). If EPA finds that certain activity or processes do not meet the bare minimums, it will not require additional protection. If you believe that, even if a particular activity or process falls within one or more of these standards, it does not meet the bare minimums then you may also seek an exemption from the regulation.

The agency may also issue a written public notice indicating that a standard or an exemption for any activity or process has been adopted by the agency. The public notice states that for the duration of the agency action, the regulation is going into effect. The agency may also provide a general public notice of the regulation or provide a specific public notice on certain classes of activity that have been identified as having a large impact on air quality.

Environmental Protection Agency

The Department of the Environment provides the EPA with a strong tool to help protect the environment and to reduce air pollutant emissions. EPA works with other

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