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2b pencil, abbreviated as “2b,” is a pencil with a 2.5-inch wide barrel at the end. There are two main varieties, white 2b and black 2b. The 2b in between the two colors is a common variety that is used as a replacement for the larger 2b pencil.

Many students find it easier to use a 2b pencil for writing with than a 2b pencil for drawing. The 2b pencil, though, can help kids learn a variety of different types of shapes and sizes. Because the 2b pencil is relatively easy to find, many adults use them while kids are drawing. When drawing, some students find it easier to use a small, straight 2b pencil than their larger white-size 2b pens.

A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order on travel and refugees issued Monday, ordering the president to stay the order for 90 days.

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U.S. District Judge James L. Robart of Washington issued the ruling Tuesday, and U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson of Maryland issued a joint order on Wednesday banning parts of the refugee ban Trump issued a day earlier. The order also extends an earlier temporary restraining order issued against the travel ban from those who had been blocked.

The judge issued the court order early Tuesday and then sent it to Trump, who has been at odds with the judiciary on the issue. On Sunday, Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspends the entire U.S. refugee program and bars Syrian refugees, citizens of seven mainly-Muslim countries and refugees from six countries.

The order is still effective for 120 days and requires the federal government to provide an official estimate of the number of people affected by the policy, according to the Washington Post. The Justice Department said it will appeal the decision and said it will file a “defensive injunction” late Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The U.S.-trained Syrian opposition, including the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army, on Tuesday began its first ground offensive to retake the last town in Aleppo from pro-government forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

FSA fighters had seized the town of Atmeh, east of a former rebel stronghold in Aleppo, since June, when it fell to government forces seeking to regain Aleppo city from rebels.

Activists said the rebels launched a new offensive to retake Atmeh, an Aleppo town of about 1,600 people

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