How do I create my own drawing style? – Beautiful Pencil Drawing Images

First of all, here’s the list of guidelines:

Use light and white tones.

Use clean and easy strokes (use strokes as little as possible).

Use rounded strokes with a little bit of stroke variation. Examples of a rounded stroke are those of a circle or an ellipse.

Try to create consistent and symmetrical shapes for your art.

When building your own drawing, make sure you use only the tools you have available to you. No vector graphics software.

If you have access to the proper tools it’ll keep you in the art tradition as a good way to avoid being influenced by some other artists who draw their inspiration by copying their other work.

Now it’s time to draw.

Step 1:

Draw your silhouette from head to toe on white space to create a basic shape. You can use an actual drawing or you can draw a sketch. This will help you to create a good starting point for your illustration. Use a soft pencil, a pencil or your mouse for this. To make everything look even, sketch out the outline of your body while drawing around it.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to add color! Your illustration will have a certain style which will make it stand out from other other creations. Choose the color that reflects your mood and style. Here are a few suggestions:

Black (black, grey or black)

Medium shade of black (brown or taupe)

Medium shade of gray

Light grey

Blue (sky blue or a dark grey) +

Pink (pink, green or red)

Blue (sky blue or a dark grey)

Grayish black (gray, yellow or black)

Medium shade of white (white, beige or blue) +

Purple (orange or lavender)

Brown (gray, mustard or black) +

Dark gray (dark brown, black or brown) +

Dark grey (dark brown, black or brown) +

Light grey (light brown or blue) –

Dark grey (dark brown, black or brown) +

Light grey (light brown or blue) –

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Medium gray (medium grey or pink or purple) –

Medium gray (medium gray or pink or purple) –

Dark gray (dark grey, black or brown) +

Dark grey (dark grey, black or brown) –

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