What can you draw when your bored? – Colored Pencil Drawings Of Flowers And Birds

You draw whatever comes to mind, and do what comes to mind. It’s fun.

Can you draw something?

I dunno. It just has to be a good picture. I love to draw things.

I have an idea! Why do you think some people are so good at drawing?

I don’t know. I’ve seen some of them, but I haven’t really found out why.

What should everyone do when their bored?

Dreamy Sunset Ema Sivac Colored Pencils 2016 … | Art ...

I don’t care. Sometimes it’s good to read, but sometimes it’s good to draw.

What is the hardest thing about drawing?

I suppose the hardest part of drawing is that it takes practice. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and it’s not easy. It’s not like drawing pictures on paper for an hour, either. But you get better at it. And if something is good, you keep drawing. And I don’t believe you can take 10 years off and not draw something. I’ve never made a mistake when I was trying.

Do you have an interesting hobby?

Yes. I have a lot of them. I go to the beach, go for rides in the snow. I ride motorcycles. When I was growing up in California, in the early ’70s, I went and rode the motorcycle. And that’s why I have a lot of interests.

What books, if any, should we read next?

I’d say “Fairy Tales for Old Men,” probably. That’s where I learned a lot about the characters, their history. And that’s where my wife is reading. She’s the best about reading.

Do you read comic books?


I was just wondering what the comics are like in Japan? Do they have a different way of drawing men, like the Japanese?

I think they have what they call a “traditional” style with long limbs and a lot of emphasis on the head. But, of course, I’m not Japanese, so I don’t know. But my kids say they have a “traditional” style and I’d like to make sure they know that for sure.

Have you seen any new comics in a while here, like your new strip?

I had a look at the comic, “Bakumatsu Shugo Jigou,” a Japanese comic “that’s similar to comics in the U.S. but different.” And

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