What are the drawing techniques? – Pencil Drawing Definition

There are two ways to draw the character:

(1) “point-like” techniques, such as the ones shown the most in the tutorial, or

(2) techniques which are more complex and involve the use of different techniques depending on the character’s pose, like the ones shown in the examples in the manual.

In “point-like” techniques, each single detail is drawn in one piece. In “simplified”, often-more-complex techniques, a single drawing is drawn in more detail, in one drawing, but a complete character is drawn together.

It is also worth noting, that there is a great tendency for some students to learn the techniques in their first attempts. But in reality it is only useful to learn the basic techniques. This often leads to the students thinking they have “learned” all the advanced techniques. But in fact, it is the technique which is most difficult and thus it is not the beginner’s fault that he or she isn’t “doing it”. However, this is not the main point of this article.

2.) The Basic Drawing Steps

Drawing in general is similar to drawing in other fields, in that you aim at achieving a smooth and neat flow, not to create complex shapes, and to avoid unnecessary or extreme details.

The following drawing tutorial shows the basic drawing steps in one illustration:

My first landscape pencil drawing
Drawing in general can be divided up into two types of steps:

(1) “point” (point) drawing (drawn in one step)

(2) “simplified” drawing (drawn in two steps)

The first drawing is basically similar to drawing in any other field. The main difference is that since the drawing is presented in one step, no details are drawn in excess of what is required for the illustration.

In this image, we first show a very simple drawing in one step, followed by a much more complex illustration in two steps:

The basic drawing steps

First, you select one object from the drawing (a simple object, a hair on the person, for example).

Then, you draw the figure of the person. As you draw the figure, make sure to keep the proportions of your drawing clear for the other characters and the illustration, the same way you do when drawing a person.

In order to illustrate a point, in one step or two steps at least:

(A) the shape of the

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