What are the drawing techniques? – Peacock Feather Drawing Pencil Easy

The drawing techniques in our books are easy to use and easy to interpret. You’ll learn how to draw your own art in a creative way. In your drawings, you use techniques like the pen and the brush.

Who taught these techniques?

The drawings are given to us by many talented artists, who taught us this art in the first place, such as:

Matsuragi Yuka, who taught us the art of drawing the bird

Matsuragi, Yuka, who taught us the art of drawing the frog

Kana, Yuka’s student and wife, who taught us about the art of designing a flower

Mori-san, who taught us the art of illustrating the picture

Goujou, Yuka’s friend and classmate, who taught us how to create a tree

In our book, Matsuragi Yuka, Miki, and Kana all give different and unique pointers on drawing the bird. Goujou and Kiriko gave us special pointers on the use of the different arts and on shading the character.
Highly Detailed Close-Ups of Amazing Hyper Realistic ...

The illustrations have a unique feel, as though it has been drawn by a master painter. There aren’t any words in their style, so the drawing doesn’t just look as though it was drawn by a novice, but it feels, as though it’s truly a work composed of two different individuals. This is the reason why the illustrations in the book are so impressive.

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