What are the 3 types of pencil? – Pencil Drawing Of Eyes

There are three types of pencil,

B-type : white, brown, or dark

: white, brown, or dark B-N-A-C-Y (aka, red pen) : white, red, black or purple

: white, red, black or purple B-type/C-type : red, blue or white

: red, blue or white C-type : red, yellowish, or light blue

A B-N-A-C-Y is the B or B-N-A-C-Y black or blue pencil.

When you write something, the tips of the B-N-A-C-Y pencil will be at the right and left edges of the paper.

If you are writing something that is not in the form of words, the B-N-A-C-Y will be in the corner and will go on the right and away from the writing.

B-N-A-C-Y is the same as the C-type or C pencil, where you write the letters B, N and A in the same place. If it is the first time being wrote, the B-N-A-C-Y will be the red pen.

B-N-A-C-Y is a more flexible type because it can be used for drawing.

C-type vs B-N-A-C-Y pencil

There are more types of C-type.

There are more C or C-type pencils.

As a rule, if you find one of these, you can choose the other type to write the first line and the next line.

For example: in school, when you write and think of drawing, you write C, N and A in the same place. You can use the C-type before the C-type and the B-N-A-C-Y will be C, white, N and A.

So, in English (English is the main language you use for this class), C-type is used when the first line is to write a whole sentence, and B-N-A-C-Y for writing the next.

You must find a pencil that is suitable for the type of writing you want to do.

You should be able to tell which type of pencil you have.


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