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What do different types look like?

There are two distinct categories of drawing styles—the traditional and the modern and traditional and modern. For us, traditional styles tend to create a sense of realism but can result in distracting imagery, or it makes us want to get up off the couch. Modern styles (like the one seen below by Jeff Koons) are much more realistic because they try to combine elements of a range of styles, making sure you get something you like—but they can be hard to recreate. The difference between the two is that traditional styles emphasize the actual composition as opposed to creating an abstract appearance. They are more about having a very tangible, realistic representation of the subject in a drawing, especially in smaller, less defined areas.

Do you know of any common drawing styles? Why is each different?

The word drawing style has several definitions:

1) In visual arts, a style of painting, drawing, and sculpture depicting a particular form or scene. Usually, there is some form of composition as its focal point.

2) In fashion, clothing, or accessories.

3) In journalism, writing, or publishing.

If that sounds a little confusing, you probably shouldn’t be doing this, but we’ll continue: “Traditional” and “modern” style are often used interchangeably as it’s not so much the design and its appearance in and of itself, but the actual visual effect of the design. There are various elements that are traditional that we don’t see a lot of nowadays, and that includes the color, size, or feel. One of my favorite examples is the vintage-style paper sculptures by Takuji Miyazaki:

But let’s step back a little and see how this could work in reality.

A few years ago, a friend and I were having a conversation about all the things we hated in modern art and decided to create some simple sketches and see how they would look at a certain scale. It was the first time I’d ever done any real work with scale, so I was a little terrified. But I ended up making about 100 of these drawings so I learned a lot working with it!

At one eye level, you have one-dimensional forms that don’t have depth or dimension, and they are made to look like they’ve been drawn by someone much lighter than themselves. And at a far greater scale, you’ll see a full-size figure drawn on a computer screen that, for whatever reason, is

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