Is there a number 1 pencil? – Pencil Drawing Waterfall Simple

We have no answer for this.

Can I use the same model of nib as the first?

No, just as the initial version the second nib has a different head. You will have to look into a brand specific “pre-made” nib such as this one.

Can I change my writing tip?

To change your nib tip you need to purchase a “Nib Tip Converter” this also will fit to many of the same style and models of pen you might already have.

Can I use a nib from elsewhere?

No, you will have to get a custom nib from us and we will not be happy to make one for you.

Is this pen pen-compatible?

Yes, in many cases so, you can do an extensive range with this pen. You can get away with using a Diamine or Lacquer pen to do pencil sketches, or a Farrow & Ball for drawing and a Nakaya for fine art. Some of the higher end pens available are not pen compatible with this pen, but still can be used on these pages. It will also allow you to use a Farsight, Lamy, etc pencil or any pencil-like nib.

Can I use my own nib.

Yes. We are a small, but very dedicated, team and if there is one thing you want to change or add to this pen please post your request in our “Notes to Seller” section.

Will the price be fixed?

No. At a price of £40 there will always be one or two pens within 50 Euros cheaper that we would be able to sell them to you. This is not an attempt to be unfair either. Many of these pens cost more than £50 with some costing well into the £150s. We cannot afford to lose money on selling some of these. If your pen costs £50.00 that means you have £50 invested in a small investment of your own. We can not afford to keep any of this money for no reason. But we can afford a lot of you! So please contact us, and we would be happy to set a price at which you are willing to buy a pen from us instead. This would allow us to sell more pens and save more of what we would be giving you, to help pay for this.


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