How do you sketch an eye? – Drawing Pictures

You draw an eyebrow, for example, and then sketch in the eye.

Why would you sketch in the eye?

You just don’t want to ruin that look, you know?

Do you see any problem with the eye as it would be sketched out in an ink sketch?

You can always draw it digitally later, no problem. But if you are to do so in real life, why not in pencil? You can put the pencil in between your eyes and have it flow right into the ink.

Wouldn’t the pencil make it seem as if you didn’t really see the eye?

Some people don’t like drawing in pencil since the colors can be hard to read. But since most drawings will be hand-drawn and the pencil can easily be erased, these are some common excuses for not drawing in pencil.

Is pencil a more precise medium than ink?

Yes. It is harder to make precise lines than it is ink. But pencil is also more forgiving.

Isn’t pencil better than ink?

It depends what you are drawing.

Some people like the precision of ink when they sketch, but prefer the simplicity of pencil when they are drawing in a digital environment.

Can you see why people don’t like pencil?

It’s a good form, it’s a form I enjoy drawing. Also, if there is something I want to do with this pen, I’ll take my pencil and do it there in the sketch.

What are the advantages of drawing in ink and in charcoal?

They are easier to sketch. If I’m drawing something to be on a frame or on a photograph or just to be in the moment, it is usually pencil, otherwise I use charcoal.

Where do you find the pencil in New York?

I have my shop on the corner of Sixth and Main.

Do you think that there is a correlation between how people see the world and how they see it on paper. And there is a correlation between how people feel about the physical world and how people feel about the environment.

If I was to ask you which is the way to draw on the canvas and which is to be the canvas, which would you pick, in this moment, to show the world to?

The way to be on canvas is to see that canvas with a sense of a real presence.

What do you draw first, ink or charcoal?

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