Who is the first magician in the world? – Youtube Magic Tricks Explained By Video

Virgil the magician (who, in an age when a magicians and magicians are not even known), that’s who!

It’s probably him.

(There are only people like that.)

Kukuku. He looks like he would like it if it weren’t for the magic circle.

He’s going to keep taking it and do magic that’s different to the magicians.

Virgil is the first magician who learned the Magic Circle!

The number one magician of the old world.

For example, when he was the only mage in the world, he had a total of ten magicians. Because of that, he’s the first one who can use the magic of all the magical forces…

「The magic of the five elements of nature. The magic of fire, water, wind, sunlight and earth. The power of a magician is the ability to control those elements.

This is the essence of the magic circle and will be called magic power.

The magician must possess a lot of Magic power.

To be able to control those five elements must be a great strength.」

This isn’t the magic circle of the old world, this is magic circle of the modern world!

「Magic does not exist like a stone. It exists like an arrow pointing at a target. The magician is the arrow. This arrow must be aimed towards the goal!

The mage must also learn how to make arrows, so he or she will become a magician.

As magicians, we must take pride in the fact that we possess a magic sword.

A magic sword should be able to cut through anything just like a normal blade.」

To the best of my ability, I’m going to train on the magic swords of the magicians of the old world. I’ve already tried putting my swords through the magic arrow and arrow, but even I can’t make them cut through an alligator.

「The Magic Circle will be a skill to be understood by all wizards in the world….

I want you to teach me the magic of all the elements. I want you to teach me the power of fire, water, wind, and sunlight.

You must teach me the power of water. You must train me to be able to use any elemental power.

You must train me to become a magician that can control those five elements and the arrow that points towards that

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