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The answer is that it depends. Levitation can be real, but it depends very little on what is causing the levitation. You can tell if someone is levitating by looking at his shoes. The higher you raise them, the more you can see in front (the top of the shoe), but if you place your foot flat a little too far away from the ground, the effect can be diminished. You can test whether someone is levitating by placing your hand in a bucket of water and gently pushing or pulling it away, depending on whether you think there is a little or a lot of water behind the hand. If there is a lot of water, pull away the bucket as fast as you can. (Do not actually push any water out of the bucket, or you will have a very strong negative reaction.) If the bucket begins to move in the direction of the hand, then you are levitating in the direction of the hand.

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Many people think that because they can see in front, they must be levitating. On the other hand, you don’t see anything when you don’t levitate because your eyes don’t pick up enough contrast to tell if something is there in front of your eyes.

People try to do this test by putting their heads between the ceiling and a mirror, and looking through the mirror. Some people can do it, but it takes very fine control. You have to be extremely careful about how you lift your head so that you don’t fall through your eye sockets. If you do fall, you could accidentally hit your head on the ceiling, breaking the eyeball on one end, and leaving you blind. Some surgeons have reported that when they put a patient on crutches and force their head right up against the ceiling, they see light (or feel light) inside the eye socket. This is very similar to levitation. (However, it’s much less powerful.)


A pair of sunglasses can be very helpful in determining the person’s eye color or iris (color of the colored iris). This is because each eye is different in shape. One eye is larger, and the other smaller. The size of the eye’s pupil is controlled by the iris’ shape. The iris is curved inward and outward and is like the handle of a pair of handcuffs. One eye is larger than the other, so you can determine if one pupil will be much larger than the other. When in darkness the pupils can become darker. If you can see

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