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If you have a problem that is only temporary, then no one in the history of trading can do anything except try to help. I know why. They are working for you. So keep it up, keep your head high, don’t give in, and you will be fine. And you won’t have to pay them the big bucks they ask for, just put your money in with some of the best swings you’ve ever seen.

But of course, this is an easier question to answer, because it is the ultimate goal of these traders, right? The ultimate goal, that’s the goal that we all have when we get our trading licenses. The ultimate goal. But there are different kinds of swings. There are different types. Some are short-term and some are market-moving. So some of them are good. Some of them are bad. But there is no ultimate goal, if you go all the way to the extreme, no goal. There is no good and there is no bad. So to answer your question: it is up to you. You decide what you want to do.

And when I was asked this question earlier today about which type of investor is the most likely to give you the most information in a long-term investment decision, or in an ongoing business deal, I said this: the person who is very likely to give you the most information is the trader who is very experienced in the markets, he is very technical. But we’re only human. You can’t necessarily be technical all the time. There’s a lot of other things you have to do, but the most important thing is, are you making decisions based on data? You can’t always be data. You see how you are doing. But the most important thing is what is going on right now.

So, there will be times when you say: “No, I don’t need that information. Because I know. I read the news for this business and I know what is happening.” And then there will be times when the news will be very positive because you know something really amazing that is going to come out or that your friend is going to win in a contest that he was going to win, and you feel a little bit excited about that, because you have some knowledge. I know this because I was the kid who had to read the news every day and get a letter in the mail from my parents every day, just to keep my mind off the fact that he was going to go bankrupt some

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