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As in every market, this is extremely subjective — how do you calculate the profit? How will you calculate the profit if there’s no market (for instance if the trading happens purely on the stock-market in our imaginary case) ? When making the calculation yourself, you will have to use your personal understanding of financial analysis, of the relative value of the goods you will buy and sell and the relative price of goods in the market. I can only offer some advice. Try different types of strategies that will bring you the best balance of these factors and to that end: 1) Consider the situation in which you will sell or buy and the risk on your side for each type of trade. 2) In order to make your decision easier, keep one or two variables in mind while planning your trade. These variables are: 1) The difference between the total price you hope to get and the price at which the seller will accept the trade, and the risk level, that may result from a loss. This difference is usually quoted in the trade price. 2) The amount of time you have to make the trade. For example, if it will take 3-4 weeks, you will have more time to trade if you consider that risk is higher. 3) The opportunity cost as a percentage on the market price as a result of the buyer having to buy/sell more than your desired trade, e.g. for a $4,000 trade from a $1,000 stock. 4) In this list you can add the amount of time you will have to make a profit in your trade, or the number of trading days. 5) If you will need additional information in order to make the correct decision about your trade. If so: do you not already know the best strategy? Do you do not know the characteristics of various markets and sectors? How is the risk for you?

When you have these things all in mind, you will realize the right strategies when the time comes to trade the stocks in our imaginary example.

How do you decide which to pick and how to value your trades?

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