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Since each strategy has its advantages (and disadvantages), when to use each is very situational. In addition, it is a bit more difficult to trade with the strategies that have a higher number of trades to their credit to minimize losses.

Traders have their own opinions regarding trade timing and trading strategy. If you want to know how it works, read here (how traders trade):

What level of trading strategy do I need?

To begin with, a minimum trading strategy will ensure that you do not get burned if you lose money.

You do not need a strategy with a very high trading fee to succeed.

For example, if you are trading on the open, most traders do not have a strategy that is worth paying in commission, as it is considered a small fee. But it does not need to be, it just requires attention and attention can pay big dividends if taken into account

If you are trading on a closed margin (closed positions with minimum money on margin) it is necessary to have a strategy that can pay in commissions.

For example, a short term trading strategy that can pay in commission is not worth the risk of losing money and is a waste of time

I do not want to risk my money on trading!

If you do not want to gamble and just want to do a very simple and straightforward trade, then you are good to go. However, be aware that you will never be able to trade on a strategy that does not pay commissions!

You should always be aware that it may be better for you to trade on a strategy that is trading fees only (with a lower commission) in which case the advantage will be worth the risk. Just keep in mind that the commission charged by your broker must be reported to you and you must be willing to pay it.

What kind of fees can I expect?

To determine your own trading strategies, find a broker that is trading fees only, check whether your broker charges a fixed fee, and ask your broker about their commission structure. You should keep in mind that the broker may be in charge of your trading strategy or not.

A broker with a high commission will probably charge a very high commission for most trades and you need to know this before you make a trade. You must also not forget that any loss or gain of your broker is not the trader’s responsibility.

My broker is in charge of every trade, so no matter what price I want to trade I

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