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If you can remember, we first discussed the fact that this antenna is in the SMA configuration with the SMA side exposed to space.

When a signal (SMA) reaches a certain strength (e.g. 25MV), it transmits a full-waveform (full-waveform = full-waveform with a maximum amplitude of 75mV) to the receiving antenna (which is the SMA antenna). A full-waveform antenna has a minimum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). For this reason, it is often used in the long-haul applications of digital wireless.

For the SMA antenna, SNR is defined as: SNR = (RF Power in mW) / (Noise Level in dB SPL). The power that this full-waveform antenna could transmit to a full-waveform analog receiver (the antenna with a 10dB dipole) is approximately 5mW.

The Noise Level in dB SPL (dB SNR) in the antenna with the antenna placed next to the one without the antenna (with or without a dipole). For the dipole, this means that the SNR is 1.4.

This means that the actual SNR from the antenna with the antenna placed next to the dipole is ~4.5 dB for 25MHz and ~5.5 dB for 75MHz.

To get more information about SMA antenna SNR, please refer to http://en-us.magnexs.net/en/radio/s-ma/SMA/index.jsp.

This means that if you use an SMA antenna as an antenna and receive a full range of frequencies, then it will transmit a full-waveform signal with a 5mW SNR from your antenna to your receiver. If you use an EMA antenna to receive signals from the same antenna on different frequencies, then your antenna will transmit only a part of the full-waveform signal (25MHz at 5mW and 75MHz at 25mW).

Here is a diagram of a SMA antenna (without an EMA antenna) where the antenna is on the outside side of the vehicle. This shows the actual position of the antenna with the transmitting antenna on the outside side of the vehicle.

SMA antenna is most commonly used in applications such as:

Wireless telephones.
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Aircraft telephones.

Cell phone networks.

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