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They seem to have been the best. They are both small, easy to handle and give an awesome user experience.

When you compare them, it’s clear they are the right choice. They both work well together, are easy to use and offer a great product. So the choice is obvious. If you are looking to purchase a SMA antenna then look no further, SMA is your best bet. If you want a EMA antenna that is small to plug in and has a small footprint then look no further.

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With his new album, Kanye West takes time out from The Life of Pablo, the follow-up to ‘Yeezus’ to do something new. Instead, the 25-year-old self-styled ‘Yeezus’ MC is sharing material from 2014’s Yeezus, titled ‘Yeezus 2’.

The song, which is the second track in what will be an extended musical arc that includes Yeezus 2, is called ‘Fade’ and marks a return to his classic, more funk influenced sound.
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The track, which has the most in common with his previous release ‘Waves’, starts out with an a capella backing vocal and sounds like his signature flow. The song is a departure from the more laid back vibes of his previous releases.

‘Fade’ finds new depth to West’s unique voice; the wordplay on the verse builds off each other in a complex, funky way that would make a rock star proud. ‘Fade’ has a lot of swells and breaks, similar to ‘Waves’, which shows off just how much West has advanced his sound since dropping his first album six years ago.

In comparison to other releases Kanye has made since, ‘Fade’ is still relatively new. Kanye’s last single, ‘Real Friends’ from 2013, didn’t hit the Billboard 200 until 2013 at #29, before rising to #7 the following year. West’s last full studio album, ‘Yeezus’, dropped in 2012 and saw a massive commercial success before being eclipsed by Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ and other artists such as Drake, Future and T.I.

The track is a perfect introduction to West’s musical talents and is an exciting start to the new year.

By Michaela Whitton – WOLFSBURG, Mich. (Feb.

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