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Chart #1 – For the most part, when trading, you want to use your time frame to determine the timing and timing weighting necessary for the trades, and your trading strategy’s time frame. Use Chart #2 as an example, it gives you a more realistic picture of the trade’s timing, especially considering the price is up and the volume level is high.

If the price of something rises, your strategy needs to move quickly so that your buy order is executed the moment the price is at the top. If the price falls, the strategy needs to be patient and wait for a good opportunity to trade again.

A good example is if a stock is down 3% and you think you have an opportunity to buy up and cover for it. You don’t want to lose the whole trade just to cover for the previous 2% price fall. However, if you start at the bottom of the chart and end at the top, you have more time to decide the timing and timing weighting required to cover for the lower price.

If there is a new trend and you think you have an opportunity to profit, you don’t want to trade a high volume of the last wave, because you have time to decide when and how long to wait. The main point is, trading timing is most important for moving funds. If you are trading stocks, you don’t need to look at Chart #2. Trading should be decided based on your buying power and your trading strategy.

Chart #2 – For the average investor, Chart #1 works well. If you are looking for an accurate view of a particular stock, look at Chart #2.

If you are buying index funds, the best chart would be Chart #1. Chart #3 is excellent for stocks.

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