What percentage of swing traders make money? – Short Swing Trading Definition Business

I see most of my clients make $50,000+.

The average swing trader loses over $5,000 in a year.

The average swing trader can lose well over $150,000.

I have lost $500,000 in a year and only got $600,000 of my losses.

I have seen many high risk, high return trading strategies fail after only 3-4 trades.

How can you tell if a client is a great trader?

The client has to get in my trading room and look over my book.

They have to ask “why is this book so good?”

They have to ask about my strategies.

They have to ask about my mistakes.

They have to ask about my past trades.

If I am successful in the short-term, they look out for the long-term.

Why are your clients losing money?

I give my clients an incentive to trade correctly.

I provide them with a chance to trade a trade that is in their long view (long term).

To get the most out of a trade, they have to do it the right way!

This means that they have to work hard on their strategy and be patient with my trades.

They have to learn to anticipate my moves.

As the world was preparing for the launch of its new global “Black Friday” ad blitz, a new video has emerged exposing the truth behind the holiday that’s traditionally touted as one of the most “salesful” shopping days.

The ad, titled “Black Friday: The War of the Salesforce,” is a one-minute clip of Black Friday advertisements which appear to be designed to encourage an exodus of online customers to online retailers such as Amazon.
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“What better time to move online? This is the biggest shopping day of the year,” says the narrator, as video of shoppers in “homes and offices” is shown. “The online revolution has begun!”

The ads continue to argue that “Black Friday” has become the shopping “superstore.”

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