What are the best stocks for swing trading? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Sheedy Young

If you are new to the swing trading world then these are the top 10 stocks to follow, if you are a seasoned trader and have played a few months you must have noticed that these are the stocks with the biggest upside potential and also they are the stocks that are currently under pressure.

These positions could also be the stocks that will outperform if you are in a tight market, so don’t forget to do some research on what these stocks stand for to make the right trade!

The following 12 stock investments are all worth studying and considering:

(2) Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon is an American e-commerce corporation that owns and operates several online retail sites, is one of the largest online vendors of video games, books, music, toys and other media, provides cloud services, has stores in numerous other countries, and sells products from around the world. It currently trades mostly on the New York Stock Exchange, as its share price has risen in recent months. Amazon has a long way to go to become a public company, but they have the potential to do it. Amazon’s growth could really be the catalyst that ignites some massive changes in the financial sector.

(3) Disney (DIS)

The Disney Company (DIS) is also a well known entertainment production and distribution corporation with a market capitalization of $6.7 billion dollar. It is known as “Disney” for its highly skilled and talented management team, which has also produced many films in its vast history. The company’s most successful film was “Frozen”, and since then the film has become the Disney movie franchise’s third biggest selling character.

As of 2016 Disney is listed as number six in the global e-commerce, and as of this writing Disney reported total sales of $5.9 billion through the year 2016. This is a remarkable increase that would certainly give even a seasoned marketer some problems. There is also a possibility that this could be a bubble, although I’m not really sure they would be able to contain it.

What is clear is that Disney has the potential for massive growth, but we shall see if it is sustainable. The company has also been accused of not doing enough marketing, and that is exactly why this investment is of great value.

It is interesting to note that Disney is a much smaller company and is mostly owned by a single family. If you are currently a member of that family you can get a special tax benefit and become a Disney

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