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How does your theory and data fit into a portfolio?

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Romeo and Juliet is a comic book by the Italian comic artist, Giorgio Cavatore and the U.K. artist Nick Bradshaw. It was initially marketed as a Shakespearean romance series to a small but vocal fanbase.

It was a hit at first, but then it became somewhat confusing to English speaking fans (like the first edition of this FAQ). Fans could pick it up in a few different formats, and they could be found in many different English-language publications, on both a limited and a larger basis outside of Italy, including the US.

In this document it is intended to document the various variants that were produced, the history of the books themselves as well as the differences between what a German or Japanese edition of the books is, which some people prefer. It mostly follows what Wikipedia puts out there about the series, in fact almost all the “what ifs” will be present, but with a bit of a twist!

This is the main source for all information about this particular series, and its variants and other works.

It appears to most contain various versions of a common story, including some variants where a new setting is added to the Romeo and Juliet tale while keeping the same rules and terminology of the main story. Other versions will have differences in wording, characters, scenery (or other locations) and any events that affect the main story; it will usually include a version where Romeo gets to be killed or at least put out of his misery before the end, as well as a version where things do not go exactly as planned.

A major part of the series involves the main protagonist Juliet and Romeo – two of the greatest romantic heroes of literature – going to Spain in search of “love” while being held at bay by an Italian officer of the guard. What ensues is a tragic story of love that unfolds in a way that many viewers may find more “romancing” than the original version. For those who have read the first issue or so, these are very closely analogous to the two main plot lines

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