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Swing trading is allowed under the laws of New Zealand.

Swing trading is the ability of a person to sell shares without any legal requirement being placed on them by the Companies Registry or the Securities and Investments Commission.

Swing trading is also legal in the private sector.

Who does not have the ability to make trades?

The following individuals should have no need to sell shares:

Those employed in financial services

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Those with no need to trade other than to buy and sell shares

MOSCOW — The Russians did not even try — the world’s biggest war games are now underway.

A Russian Defense Ministry official told The Associated Press on Friday that the air drills will last one week — the longest since the Cold War began. An official at the Russian Defense Ministry was quoted as saying that the war games in the Eastern European region, which will come to a conclusion on Nov. 1, were “necessary” given Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine.

The announcement followed a meeting between Defense Ministry and U.N. officials that the U.S. diplomat had convened to discuss how to handle the situation in Ukraine.

The U.S. has been pressing Russia, as Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has called for, to stop arming the separatists in the eastern part of the country. The Obama Administration has argued that a lack of progress in that direction has been key to escalating the conflict and leading to a humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Russia insists that it is arming the separatists with anti-aircraft and weapons — but the United States and EU have accused Moscow of using the situation in Ukraine as cover for sending in foreign troops to back pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine. Moscow denies that, saying it only backs the separatists when it is necessary to defend its own national interests.

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