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Yes but there is much more in the world of FX brokers.

“If there were only 3 or 4 brokers in that market it’d be hard enough to keep on top of your trading. A lot of the trading that happens now is in the form of long and short positions”

– John Kavliuk, CEO of TradeHub

Here we have a guy explaining that the market is flooded with brokers. There are thousands upon thousands of brokerages out there running trading desks. Many of the brokers have their own proprietary algorithm. The algorithm takes your account details, sends it to a broker, receives their account details, and then they “trade” the account data. The price on the board changes constantly which means that traders may trade in multiple accounts but they need to be careful of not over-trading.

“When I started trading around 1995, it was quite simple. You had a broker. You had a brokerage account for your brokerage account. They would hold your money in their system and make a money-maker out of selling you futures to their customer.

It was a small company in New York. There were brokers doing it but they were all tiny companies. They were essentially the equivalent of Uber.

The only problem was, they didn’t have money to take the risk. That’s when guys like me came along and did this, and now the industry has tens of thousands of independent brokers that make money out of these trades.”

– John Kavliuk, CEO of TradeHub

If you read John Kavliuk’s speech there is a lot of talk about how easy it is to take a broker’s trade from 1 to 100. I’d say that many of these traders use the same brokers I’d use myself. The main difference is that I use 3 brokers: The TradeHub group, Trading Machines, and I Trade.

The problem with the 3 brokers, and the ones I’ve mentioned, is that they all are run by the same companies. The big difference is that TradeHub’s company, TradeHub, is separate from Trading Machines. They are owned by a different company who then take the traders they hire away as part of the trade and then they take their money (usually in the form of commissions) and turn it into shares. I Trade, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of a larger company, but it still operates independently.

“Some of the brokers use proprietary algorithmic trading strategies. These traders are getting

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