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This article or section is about an area within Daggerfall.

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Daggerfall is the capital city of the High Rock region of Tamriel. It is the seat of government and the second largest city in Westmarch. It lies east of the city of Whiterun, and to the west of Red Mountain and the Throat of the World. It is the first province of High Rock to have a formal capital, the Imperial City, which is based in the City of the White Eagles. The provincial capital is not formally called Daggerfall or the Imperial City, but rather the Imperial City and its capital is known as the Imperial City and is officially located south of the city of Daggerfall as it forms a line of territory with the province of High Rock. The capital city is built using Imperial architecture, although it has an extensive library and has several temples and other buildings in many different styles of construction. It is now the most populous city in the province, with roughly 100,000 residents during the first century of its existence. It is located on the eastern border of the High Rock Province, in the northeastern part of the province.

Daggerfall is a huge city and is divided into several small districts. It is a major trading center. There is a main bridge from Blackwater Bay in the far north to the main road at the heart of Daggerfall. Other bridges linking the capital city to the adjacent districts take travelers back and forth to the provinces of High Rock as well as the provinces of Cyrodiil and Ebonheart. There are many roads connecting cities in the province, and many of them lead to the city. Most roads pass by the northern border of Daggerfall. A few roads link to the capital city itself, with the main one being the northern road passing by the central city of Windhelm.

The western part of Daggerfall, known as the Imperial City, is a major tourist destination, although the capital itself has been largely abandoned. A few of the larger districts were rebuilt around the time of the Oblivion Crisis, such as Valsinodar and The Rest. The main city, Daggerfall, is known for its ancient tower,

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