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In what is a massive step towards the end of its 20th anniversary and the introduction of blockchain technology to the public sector, the University of Glasgow has announced that it has received an award for digital currencies.

The National Student Awards 2017 are awarded on behalf of all students to recognise outstanding achievements in the digital currency industry.

The students who were awarded the award were from 14 different universities, with Glasgow School of Economics, Edinburgh Napier, University of Edinburgh, University of Strathclyde, Ulster University, University of Ulster, University of Ulster, University of York, Southampton and the Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich.


The University of Glasgow’s Professor Paul Lusignan was the Principal Investigator from which the award was made.

The University of Glasgow University of Glasgow School of Economic Sciences has also received the University of Glasgow’s first Bitcoin Award 2018

What’s the point, you may ask?

“It has been very encouraging to see the continued interest in digital currencies amongst students and members of the public alike,” Professor Lusignan says. “Many of these students are involved in work on the cutting edge of economics, in particular cryptocurrency economics, which are important topics in our PhD curriculum.

As well as the digital currency award, Professor Lusignan will be talking with some students at a presentation on the topic of virtual currencies in the Scottish Government’s Digital Economy Strategy.

Bitcoin: An example of a new class?

“We aim to have a number of presentations on Bitcoin in the next few weeks, including:

Our ‘An Early Bitcoin’ exhibition in October.

The ‘Blockchain and Digital Assets’ exhibition in the spring.

“We’re confident new students will be interested to learn about these issues and that we’ll be able to help them.

Professor Lusignan says: “Bitcoin in its original form is still a very immature technology as far as the world of trading is concerned, and I’m pleased that many of our students now understand that.

“This recognition also reminds us of the power of student work and ideas. We want to continue to help our students develop their own innovative ideas, and to encourage them to stay active in the digital currency industry.”

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