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The above chart shows two extremes from the same swing; a very sharp spike and then very slow recovery.

There’s a reason for this.

The “slight” sharp spike in 2016, marked by the blue lines, is only an isolated event compared to the long-term trend. The long-term trend is for the swings in stock prices to be much more gradual; there’s a natural lag between the high and low of any individual stock.

The chart above shows you the difference between those two spikes. The blue dotted line is the “long-term trend”; you can see the sharp spike of $26.75 on April 4, 1998 as well as the short-term fall of $14.95.

If you look carefully at that line, though, you’ll notice the two lows are very close together as well, indicating the high of April 4, 1998 was very close to the low of April 4, 2015 (which would have been $15.55).

The above-average short-term rate of decline in stock prices is about 20% slower than the longer-term trend, and that short-term rate is likely to continue to trend down. The only way the stocks will rise from their current levels is if they continue to drop, which means there is another stock market crash coming. We need to have the confidence to invest in something that’s actually likely to succeed, rather than just be “safe.” You can read these two charts on how investors view the stock market and the stock market crash here.

And, of course, if the stock market crash actually happens, I’d recommend taking all of those profits you’ve made with your investment and moving them into equities. They make a lot of sense for most people.

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