Do professional forex traders use indicators? – Swing Trading Books 2020

We all know they’re a big part of making up what we call the big picture. Forex signals can be created using an electronic trading device, but they can’t be predicted by computer algorithms or by any other method. Also, if you buy, they’ll lose their value in about five seconds, while if you sell, they’ll rise back up to a level that’s worth a lot more.

Most forex traders use indicators for these reasons:

They work in real-time.

They can track many different factors, like price action, and can be used to gauge the market mood.

They have a high level of precision.

They are extremely useful for traders who don’t have access to an electronic trading device.

How does it work?

When a forex trader places a order with a price on the board, the trader sets a price target for that price in the market. On the left side of the screen, traders see two arrows — green and red — which indicate that they have to buy or sell their underlying asset:

If the green arrow is set to the top left position, then the trader can take any of the two blue arrows to its right. The blue arrow is an extension of the green arrow, and means they have to sell.

For example, if the green arrow is set to the top left position and the price is $1,000/ounce, then the trader is expected to sell about $1,000 of gold at a price of $1,000/ounce. This means on the right side of the screen, the trader can see the price level.

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